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SLOCO Fireplace Installation

Few things surpass the ambience of a fireplace for your home.
Few things surpass the ambience that a fireplace brings to the home. Whether it is the blaze of a wood burning fireplace or the push button ease of a gas fireplace, we have the perfect one to match your traditional or contemporary SLOCO home decor.

Modern fireplaces have come a long way from what we grew up with. Even today's woodburning fireplaces offer new technology for better heating efficiency, while gas and electric fireplaces offer an ease of use which proves very attractive.

Indoor or outdoor. Direct, top or rear vent. Traditional hearth or contemporary multi-sided. Sloco Heating & Cooling offers SLOCO fireplace installation services that cover any indoor or outdoor goal that you may have. Additionally, the manufacturers we use are focused on quality craftmanship and safety, allowing us to offer our customers the very best, with peace of mind.

To find out more about the perfect fireplace for your home simply give us a call at (805) 772-4433. We promise, you will be glad you called!

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